We've split the recipes into two categories - sweet and savoury. Need we mention that every year Veganism grows, and more Vegan items appear in shops. Most places do not currently sell, say, a Vegan frozen lasagne. But eventually they will - all the moral logic in the world supports going Vegan as the basic moral choice that anyone can make in their lives. And we know that historically, morality moves towards logic and not away from it. The only question is how long will it take? Well the faster people begin making 'Vegan chocolate cakes' instead of buying them, the more quickly they will be present in the shops. So yes, eating yummy foods is an ethical choice. This may be the easiest revolution ever...

You can find replacements for almost anything on a Vegan diet - in case you're lost looking for a Vegan version of your favorite product, take a look at the list below: 

Bacon - You really haven't lived until you've tried Vegan bacon! All the taste of bacon but without the horrible fatty bits! Can be picked up from health food shops, and an increasingly large amount of supermarkets.

Biscuits - A lot of biscuits are vegan, famously Choc Bourbons, Pink Wafers, and a vast array of others. Burton's 'Jammy Dodgers' also recently joined the Vegan revolution!

Burgers - Most health food shops stock vegan versions of 'meat' burgers. Why not also try Nut Cutlets, or Bean Burgers.

Butter - Margarine (Vitalite, or Pure Sunflower Spread are the most 'buttery')

Cereal - A lot of cereals are already vegan, just check out a supermarket or companies 'Vegan List' on-line. Frosties, weetabix, cornflakes, country crisp... are all Vegan, as well as a multitude of others.

Cheese - 'Scheese', 'Cheezly', Pure Soft Cheese Spread (Health food shops and some supermarkets stock these, alternatively browse our Savoury recipes for a cheesy sauce for Pasta and other dishes)

Chicken - Not only health foods, but a lot of other places have started picking up the vegan chicken pieces. As always, if you don't go to a place that does them, try the local health food shops. You'll notice more things you like begin to creep into mainstream stores the longer you're Vegan.

Chocolate - Obviously many dark chocolates are already vegan. Health food shops and supermarkets often stock dairy free versions of milk chocolate (Plamil, Humdinger etc). You'll find Frys Chocolate Creams in most smaller shops (among other 'normal' Vegan chocs), and if you're really missing something you can find Vegan 'Mars', 'Snickers', 'Milky Way', and 'Bounties' in health food shops and on-line.

Cream - Soya Cream is stocked in most stores - popularly found in 'free from' aisles, or the dairy sections.

Crisps - Obviously 'Cheese' flavours normally aren't, but the array of Vegan friendly snacks seems to be growing as companies replace ingredients. Marks and Spencers do a great choice, and even small shops stock Ready Salted!

Fish - Companies don't tend to do well in making a vegan alternative to fish (primarily because food shaped like dead animals, that isn't a dead animal, doesn't sell well...). However most health food shops now stock Vegan fish fingers, fishcakes etc. Moreover, try not eating fish for a year and then smelling it...most won't even want to find that taste again after that! And that's why there are not many fish tasting alternatives!

Ice Cream - Swedish Glace is a popular non-dairy ice cream available in most supermarkets, and comes in a variety of flavours. In health food shops you'll find different brands too. Why not also try sorbets - most of these are dairy free.

Mince - Okay, so no-one's favourite food is mince...however it's used in a lot of recipes. You'll find that a lot of supermarkets do their own brand Vegan mince, and there are several other brands available too. Just check the frozen 'meat alternative' section.

Milk - Soya Milk, Rice Milk, Almond Milk...(a huge amount of people are lactose intolerant, so milk alternatives are available in all supermarkets and a lot of smaller shops too)

Sausages - Most health food shops stock Vegan versions of 'meat' sausages. Supermarkets stock the Linda McCartney brand, of which the sausages and sausage rolls are Vegan.

Sweets - Lots are Vegan already - be careful for Gelatine and dairy addition. It's just a case of getting used to which are and which aren't. For new Vegans, we suggest 'trebor soft fruits' as the first option! 

Yoghurt - 'Alpro Soya' or deserts are the popular Vegan versions, they come in all flavours. Other forms can be found which vary depending on the location.

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